PC gaming vs Console gaming

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Haven't found such a debate in this section so decided to create a thread to ask you guys what is your preference and why
Posted 30 Dec 2019

Anna2N says
For me it is much more comfortable to use a console for gaming. And my PC is more of a workstation even though it can handle nearly any modern game on ultra settings in 4k resolution.
Posted 30 Dec 2019

I raise both my hands for pc. It provides you with more opportunities and this is just more convenient to play. Many people think that pc is uncomfortable because you need to sit in the chair all the time. Nevertheless, there are special gaming chairs and you can read more about them if you want.
Posted 31 Dec 2019

jony22 says
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Posted 01 Jan 2020

arianapham says
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Posted 16 Jan 2020

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Posted 20 Jan 2020

Kassiu says

I prefer to play on PC. There are tons of cool gadgets for PCs, which can be found on the website. I especially like playing games in the VR helmet.

Posted 20 Jan 2020

YoungHope says
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Posted 21 Apr 2020

bettyyost says
PC gaming is still better for me, control over the game through keyboard and mouse is still the best. 
Posted 09 May 2020

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Posted 19 May 2020

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Posted 17 Jul 2020

AlBakone says
[/code]I think it all depends on the genre of the game itself. For example, the shooter is best played with a mouse that is not in the console but is on the PC. The advantage of consoles is their exclusives - The last of us 1 and 2 Bloodborne is only available on Sony so PC owners will not be able to enjoy these masterpieces. The bet and slots are best played on your mobile screen long as the luck is on your side!
Posted 19 Jul 2020

WadeMc says
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Posted 05 Aug 2020

minayang says
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Posted 17 Sep 2020

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Posted 23 Sep 2020

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Posted 24 Sep 2020

Liberot says
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Posted 27 Sep 2020

Debecayd says
I prefer PC. Play FIFA Series on a PC is really enjoyable. Now that there is a FIFA 21 coming right up, I want to buy a new PC to be well-prepared. And finding the best place to buy FIFA 21 Coins.
Posted 28 Sep 2020

bust says
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Posted 05 Oct 2020

poojakl says
Posted 12 Oct 2020

lili07 says
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Posted 13 Oct 2020

Posted 08 Nov 2020

Mehedov says
A console game is a computer game that is designed to run on a game console (game console), and not on any other device such as a personal computer or arcade machine. The console version of a multiplatform computer game is called the console version of the game.
Posted 13 Nov 2020

Mehedov says
All game consoles can be roughly divided into two types: standalone stand-alone consoles, also called portable consoles
Posted 13 Nov 2020

Mehedov says
Accordingly, games for handheld consoles may be referred to as "handheld console games", "handheld console games", "handheld console games"
Posted 13 Nov 2020

Mehedov says
Generally, the controls in console games are different from those in other types of computer games. In the case of portable consoles, the controls (input devices) are located on the consoles themselves, and in the case of set-top boxes, gamepads and joysticks are used for control, which, as a rule, are developed by the manufacturer of this console and are supplied with it. However, this feature is not “hard”: many consoles allow you to connect to other input means, such as a keyboard and mouse.
Posted 13 Nov 2020

Mehedov says
To get the most out of your computer game, you need to decide whether to use a PC or a console. With what will immersion in this fascinating world be brighter, more impressive, convenient? Each of the options has advantages, so it is worth weighing the arguments, evaluating the functionality, taking into account your own preferences and tastes.
Posted 13 Nov 2020

Mehedov says
    The merits and demerits of using consoles in comparison with gaming PCs are now heatedly debated. But even ardent supporters of computers cannot refute the fact that when using a set-top box, there will be no need for additional costs for its equipment. For example, in the next 5 years, you will not need a new video card, which, when working on a PC, will use up its resource in 2 years. In addition, there are a number of other important benefits:
    Posted 13 Nov 2020

    Mehedov says
    Fans of games on the console point to the affordable price compared to the PC. Especially considering the constant rise in prices for video cards;Optimization. Games for consoles are already optimized and you don't have to think about whether the hardware can handle this or that game;Exclusives. Many of the gaming masterpieces are not released for the computer. When choosing which is better a console or a PC, this is important to consider;
    Posted 13 Nov 2020

    Mehedov says
    Disadvantages of consoles are as follows:Switching to console games after a PC is quite difficult due to the control features: the force of habit will not allow you to quickly "switch" from the keyboard to the joystick.Functionality: on the console you will not be able to edit a video, edit a photo or make a website. The console is a device exclusively for gaming.
    Posted 13 Nov 2020

    Mehedov says
    In terms of a number of parameters, computers will never be inferior to gaming consoles in terms of functionality, ease of use, innovation, flexibility in management, configuration with the ability to improve operating parameters and support for old games.
    Posted 13 Nov 2020

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