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As sales continue to flourish gravel production industry in the past two years, new Sand and other devices on the market can be said to move up. According to market research shows that high-tech high value-added new Sand quarry customers will be present and future equipment purchase partial focus. So just keep on learning and innovation, but also invincible in sand making industry.People the most dry skin in winter, which is the most need maintenance time, it is also suitable for making sand body, the winter temperature is low, sand making machine specially maintenance can work better.
In gradually change in the weather, many areas have been covered by snow.For sand system of the industry, the need to sand production equipment maintenance and maintenance, especially the parts for lubrication maintenance often friction, how winter VSI sand making machine is the key part for the right to maintain?
The device is simple in structure, low cost and; Sand making machine energy efficient, high crushing efficiency; with crushing , coarse grinding function; through non-broken material ability; can be broken in the hard, especially hard materials (such as corundum, sintered bauxite, etc.); the product was a cube, a small iron pollution; impeller and whirl crushing cavity lining material from the substantial reduction in the cost of wear parts and maintenance workload; operation and maintenance, easy installation; work of noise below 75 decibels (dB level); light weight, installation and diverse, mobile installation and so on.
Sand making machine strongly committed to the development of production technology, we are able Sand has been a leader in the field, not just with marketing tools as well as the performance and quality of the original Sand, the facts tell consumers choose the new force Sands right! we will make unremitting efforts to develop a broader space. Welcome to the new and old friends to visit our factory, buy a suitable sand making equipment.
Posted 17 Mar 2020

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Posted 24 Apr 2020

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