Hammer head of mineral processing equipment crusher

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The hammer head is one of the core parts of the hammer Ore Milling Equipment and one of the main wear-resistant accessories. At present, the hammer heads on the market are divided into casting hammer heads and forging hammer heads according to the manufacturing process; according to the material of the hammer heads, they are divided into high chromium hammer heads, high manganese steel hammer heads, composite hammer heads, cemented carbide hammer heads, etc.
The hammer head of high chromium alloy Sand Making Machine Manufacturer has excellent hardness, and under the condition of large squeezing force or impact load, the surface will undergo work hardening, which has good wear resistance. The disadvantage is that the toughness is poor, without the support of the hammer frame It is easy to break; high manganese steel hammer head has good toughness, good manufacturability, and low price, but the overall performance requirements of the crusher are high, otherwise it will not exert its proper wear resistance; composite hammer heads are used in production The unique processing technology integrates toughness and wear resistance into one; the carbide hammer head has higher hardness and toughness than other materials, and the bending strength and impact resistance are strong.
The hammer head of each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and the requirements for crushed materials are also different. Users only need to select the appropriate one according to the nature of the crushed material when purchasing. Which manufacturer is good for crusher equipment? We are a manufacturer of high-quality crushers with high cost performance and long service life.
Posted 27 Apr 2020

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