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Granite rocks, despite its solidity and cohesion andthe lack of spaces between them, it allows water to pass through very small
pores. This property makes the water falling from the sky to be stored inside
the Earth after it passes through the pores of these rocks, and without this
feature of the Earth rocks, the water will not be able to leak into distant
depths underground.
The amazing is that the Quran had referred to thesource of fresh water in the following verse: " And We sent down from the
sky water (rain) in (due) measure, and We gave it lodging in the earth, and
verily, We are Able to take it away" (18: Al Muiminun). This verse
confirms that the source of the water inside the Earth is the rain water as in
the case of groundwater which has been scientifically proven! This fact was not
known at the time of Quran revelation, so who informed the honorable Prophet
about it?
The prayer has many great psychological effects, aswhen the believer complete prayer solemnity, it will help him to concentrate
and contemplate which is the most important way for tension and nervous
exhaustion relief. Additionally, praying is an effective treatment for anger,
rashness and hastiness because it teaches the believer how to be calm and
obedient to Allah, the Exalted with patience and modesty.
These things, positively affect the neuraxis andfunctions of the heart as it regulates heartbeats and blood flow. Also praying
helps the believer to remove all the inner deposits from depression, worry,
fears, psychological emotions as they all removed as soon as the believer
remember that he is in the hands of the Almighty and that He will not abandon him
as long as he worships him faithfully, He the Exalted says: "Successful
indeed are the believers* Those who offer their prayers with all solemnity and
full submissiveness" (1-2 Al Mu'iminun).
When the star grows and gets older, it explodes anddecrease in size and become a white midget in an explosion that has the
temperature of 400.000 degree Celsius! Scientist confirm that our sun will have
the same end and burns, this burning or combustion will result in reducing the
size of the sun into small dim sun in stages. Isn't it marvelous to find the
Quran telling us about the end of the sun in Him, the Exalted, saying: "
When the sun is wound round" (1: AL Takwir). This cosmic fact was not
known at the time when Quran was revealed where the people used to believe that
the Universe is eternal, therefore, this verse indicates the end of the sun
that the scientists discussing currently and this is one miracle of the Quran.
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Posted 08 Jun 2020

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