Advantage of a large scale glass greenhouse

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?Abstract of a large scale glass greenhouse
Commercial high quality large scale glass greenhouse is a type of greenhouse covered by the glass as lighting materials, which belongs to a kind of greenhouse and in cultivation facility, the glass greenhouse has the longest life, which is suitable for use in a variety of areas, and all kinds of climate conditions. In the greenhouse industry, according to the size of the span and width, it is divided into many construction types, and with different using ways, it is divided into vegetable glass greenhouse, flowers glass greenhouse, seedling greenhouse glass, glass ecological greenhouse, research glass greenhouse, three-dimensional glass greenhouse, special-shaped glass greenhouse, sightseeing glass greenhouse, intelligent glass greenhouse and so on. Greenhouse owners are free to deploy in the area and the way of use. The minimum one is a garden greenhouse and the maximum one has a height of up to 10 meters, a span of up to 16 meters, width up to 10 meters, and an intelligent degree may achieve a key control. The winter heating system of glass greenhouse can be used in many ways.
Commercial high quality large scale glass greenhouse adopts hot-galvanized steel frame, the covering material commonly used 4-5mm high-quality float glass or tempered glass, double glazing: 4mm + 9mm + 4mm, 5mm + 6mm + 5mm. The top of the greenhouse and surrounded by glass fixed special aluminum.
Our high quality large scale glass greenhouse frame is made by the materials of galvanized steel, connected by screws, bolts, or suitable connectors. Door, gutters, etc. And the Glass greenhouse is generally the top of a single layer of tempered glass, surrounded by double-layer hollow float glass.
Advantage of a large scale glass greenhouse
1.Large lighting area, uniform illumination.
2. Long service time, high intensity.
3.Strong anti-corrosion,flame retardancy.
4.Light transmittance greater than 90%, and does not decay over time. 
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brownviki says
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