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Pakistan, Pakistan
hey guys n gals cum in here n show wat u feel for ur frns..
Posted 20 Jul 2005

Standing by,
All the way.
Here to help you through your day.

Holding you up,
When you are weak,
Helping you find what it is you seek.

Catching your tears,
When you cry.
Pulling you through when the tide is high.

Just being there,
Through thick and thin,
All just to say, you are my friend.

Posted 20 Jul 2005

Posted 20 Jul 2005

~Fragi~ says
Posted 20 Jul 2005

Posted 21 Jul 2005

Friendship is like the breeze,
You can't hold it,
Smell it,
Taste it,
Or know when it's coming,
But you can always feel it,
And you'll always know it's there,
It may come and then go,
But you can know it'll always be back
Posted 21 Jul 2005

i think i m da only one to post here chalo koi baat nahin...
Posted 21 Jul 2005

Posted 21 Jul 2005

Posted 21 Jul 2005

paki_fan says
very nice
Posted 21 Jul 2005

paki_fan says

Life is a garden,
Good friends are the flowers,
And the times that we have spend together,
Are the life’s happiest hours

When you are feeling lonely,
They will let you know that they care,
They may be very busy
But they will find the time to share.

True Friends will be always with you,
Through the good times and bad,
They will take the time to listen to you,
When someone bothers you or when you are sad.

In the shadows, friend I always caress what is between us,
In this friendship and love and in us we trust.
Posted 21 Jul 2005

paki_fan says
A Promise of Friendship

I can give to you no more than I have.
Take no more than I deserve.
I could speak to you of all that I know,
And still more would I need to learn.
I would shine a light if it would break the darkness.
But I cannot defeat all shadows.
I can tell you only of today,
I know nothing of tomorrow.
I will not be false in who I am,
Though I may hide who I was.
Though times my tongue may be unjust,
Inside my heart is love.
I will still climb so long as I,
Have strength to hold me up.
And though my steps may falter,
I will not let you drop.
I will bring comfort when you wish it,
With words or deeds or thought.
I will speak when you have need of me,
Stand silent when you do not.
I give you space within my heart,
And ask it not to break.
I ask of you forgiveness,
When I do make mistakes.
I cannot always show it,
But do not doubt my love.
I've not the words to describe its depth,
So "Friend" must be enough
Posted 21 Jul 2005

paki_fan says
1+1= 2 my 2 eyes looking at u   
3+2 = 5 sense are missing u   
4+3 =7 days thinking of u   
5+7= 12 months dreaming about u        
but 99 +1 =100 year's i need a sweet friend like u..   
Posted 21 Jul 2005

which sirf apne hi bare main sochte hain
Posted 21 Jul 2005

irsa says
Posted 23 Jul 2005

You're the one that knows me best,
The one among all the rest.
The one who knows the real me,
The person no one else could see.

Without you here,
It wouldn't be the same.
I'd miss you so much,
I'd go insane.

I'll be by your side,
For whatever comes your way.
Trust me on this one,
By your side is where I'll stay.

We share many memories,
Good ones and bad,
Those memories were the best ones,
I've ever really had.

I miss the good times,
Whether it was laughter or tears.
But losing you,
Is my only fear.

There's not a day,
That I'm not thinking of you,
And how lucky I am,
To have a friend that tells me the straight out truth.

You're my best friend,
No matter what you do.
My definition of a best friend,
Is everything I see in you.
Posted 23 Jul 2005

shahrukh khan said:

which sirf apne hi bare main sochte hain

aaisay frns ka pata chal jata hai... im talking abt frns like u... frns like F_16, frns like balich n frns like FRAGI.....:)
Posted 23 Jul 2005

i read dis poem, so thought of sharing it wid u guys....

I should have listened to them when they said he was playing me
But instead I just pretended we were meant to be
I really loved him and I thought he loved me too
But I should have listened to my friends for they truly knew

I really should have listened but pretended I didn't hear
Now all I'm doing is fighting back the tears
I'm sorry I didn't listen but the only way a heart can mend
Is if its mended by a friend
Posted 23 Jul 2005

Friendship is the most beautiful thing in the world.I have always enjoyed being friends with different kinds of people,each one of a different kind.It is nice to see how each one thinks about life.You can learn so many things from friends!

Posted 27 Jul 2005

Posted 28 Jul 2005

Unique friendships are forged...

Posted 28 Jul 2005

Posted 28 Jul 2005

Posted 28 Jul 2005

Posted 28 Jul 2005

Posted 28 Jul 2005

Posted 19 Aug 2005

FRNDZZZ r forever ......

i can do any thing for my frndz......
Posted 26 Aug 2005

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