Overpaid by an online Casino

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Hi Folks,
I was recently playing a session on one of the online casinos I frequent. I made a withdrawal that was canceled, and I withdrew again. Essentially I was paid into my bank twice for this withdrawal. This was a few weeks ago, I just received a mail asking me to deposit this amount and tell them, so they can take it back. To be fair it was not my error  would you pay it back? Is it bad Karma or robbery to keep it? What do you think?
If it makes  a difference the amount is 1500Euro which hit my bank account twice as opposed to once, I didn’t notice this, but I guess fair is fair and this casino has always been fair with me, so I should give it back.

Posted 16 Mar 2021

Which casino was that? I wish the same thing could happen to me
Posted 16 Mar 2021

SirusMion says
I don't see anything terrible in keeping those money. You can donate them to a charity to clean up your karma
Posted 16 Mar 2021

Striker1s says
I used to gamble on different sites, but I never got paid twice from any site. Where do you usually gamble, guys? I also want to raise some extra cash and get paid twice from one session. That would be great. I know that some online casinos even struggle with paying you your winnings. I faced this issue several times when fr some reason I couldn’t withdraw my cash, or the bank couldn’t accept the payment from the app. Now, I usually gamble on https://tr.superbahis.pro/ and I never had problems with them before. Still, it would be great if they sent on my deposit some extra money too.
Posted 16 Mar 2021

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Posted 16 Mar 2021

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Posted 19 Mar 2021

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Posted 19 Apr 2021

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Posted 15 Oct 2021

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