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I would like to rent a car for 3 days. Does anyone know where I can do this ??
Posted 05 Apr 2021

Lasatin says
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Posted 25 Jul 2021

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Posted 26 Jul 2021

Albert says
I hope you already found one, keep safe :) 
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Posted 28 Jul 2021

yeoyeo says
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Posted 23 Aug 2021

bostavan says
What exactly can be done? Where do you store the car by the way, even if you rent it?
Posted 07 Sep 2021

TimWelch says
I would also build an awning to keep the car safe in high winds. There is a risk that some piece of branch or lightning will fall on it (there is a forest nearby), you know what I mean. A canopy for cars with support and auxiliary supports would not work, but a simple as an extension of the house - just right. But I do not know if I could leave the car under the open sky or in such an area. If it's a temporary type of structure, you can get by with a simple awning so it at least serves a temporary function. 
Posted 07 Sep 2021

anna1212 says
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Posted 10 Oct 2021

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