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Hi there. Hope this is the right sub to post this...
Looking for a chair or rather something stool like for the studio.

I'm currently sitting on a classic Herman Miller Aeron which is comfortable but a little to bulky for how i work in the studio.
I need to be able to make quick turns and jump out of my chair to get to ze knobs. [img width=24,height=45][/img]

So i was thinking that maybe something stool like would be the right thing for me... [img width=21,height=20][/img]

Does anyone have some recommendations or experience or anything? Happy about any type of input.
Preferably something that isn't exclusive to the US as i'm in Germany. Vielen Dank!

Posted 19 Apr 2021

avalonstar says
I can recommend you a very good chair. You can write to me on instagram or fb , I left you a message privately.
Posted 19 Apr 2021

Brigantin says
I also have a problem with my back, and I think it's because of the office chair. I see that many people have this problem because they are at work all day and sit on a chair, and if the seat is uncomfortable, there are problems with their back. I'm thinking about changing the chair to a more comfortable one i want such a best living room chair for back pain sufferers , i gave him a name :D , so that I can have an orthopedic pillow in the back and be comfortable. I found such a chair in an online store and thought about buying it, because I just look at my chair, which is now, and my back already hurts :D . My friend still had these back problems, and after he changed his chair in the office, the back pain went away.
Posted 19 Apr 2021

Posted 20 Apr 2021

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Posted 20 Apr 2021

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