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How to buy a fake phone number for pranks?
Posted 04 May 2021

Pranks in 2021? dude..
Posted 04 May 2021

Nortman says
What do you have against the pranks? If you saw a couple of videos of schoolchildren farting on the camera, it doesn't matter that all pranks are like that. You can find high-quality and witty pranks, but there are very few of them. As for the phone numbers, you can use the free fake phone number for verification, no need to pay. For the UK, it's the best option. If you are from somewhere else, maybe there are better ones, I don't know. However, for phone pranks, as I heard, they use various VPN services and the like. Anyway, it's up to you.
Posted 04 May 2021

Man, chill. ofc pranks are different
Posted 04 May 2021

johnnyy says
that's a good question! I hate pranks, luckily I found useful service that helps to record any incomming calls, save and share the records. This is voice call recorder for iphone service. I think it's a must have app this day. 
Posted 14 May 2021

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