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Posted 05 May 2021

Thereis enough evidence to believe that the origin of finance is old, like human
civilization. Simplistically, finance is the handling of money/funds with
activities like borrowing, budgeting, investing, forecasting, lending, and
saving. Go through the financial statements of Proctor and Gamble to get a vivid explanation of the same. When aneconomic case study is assigned to students, learners often don’t get the idea
of where to start. It’s the reason they seek expert assistance. A financial
case study can be classified into the below-mentioned categories: (Cost-BenefitAnalysis)
a)    ProfitabilityOptimization: Every organization aims to maximizetheir revenue model, whatever the economy the country is going through. Here,
the business managers make the most of invested capital. While handling a
financial project of this type, you also have to mention the cost and revenue
assessment that further includes NetPresent Value, BrandManagement, which otherwise, your project will be incomplete. (DissertationStructure)
b)   Pricingoptimization: It works similar to profitabilityoptimization in many ways. Here, the main objective of organizations is to
attain maximum profits by setting optimal prices. While writing this case study for your exam, you can alsoconsult other related topics like industry landscape, competitor dynamics, etc.
(ForeignDirect Investment)
c)    Industrylandscape and competitor dynamics: When a companywishes to expand its non-core functions so as to free up capital and thereby,
investing in emerging industries, it can be termed as an industry landscape and
competitor dynamics case study. Managing this sort of project all by yourself
is indeed tricky. The best and easiest option is to hire a professional, and
with his/her suggestions, you can get the necessary insights. The expert can
also make you understand complex financial concepts like perpetuity, inflation, liquidity, etc.
d)   Newproduct or project: It is another case studytype that mainly deals with competitor dynamics, industry landscape, market
entry/expansion, etc. It may also include decisions like purchasing and
investing. The acquisition concepts may also be applied in this regard.
Afinancial case study can be diverse, and you need to be acquainted with the
complexities involved in each type. The above-mentioned aspects are some of the
primary financial case studies that university students have to deal with.
Posted 07 May 2021

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