How to Sign Up Facebook New Account?

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You want to create a facebook account then just follow the simple steps to get it.

You must just follow the following steps to creating new Facebook New Account or Sign Up Facebook:

    • After putting your web address. You will found official facebook's homepage.
    • [/*]
    • In opened new window, you will see different blank blocks like email id, Name, Birth date, gender etc..
    • [/*]

      Note: You must have valid email id.
        Now fill the sign up forms with putting your details first name, last name, email address, password, gender, Birthdate.

        • [u]First Name:[/u] Here you put your first name[/*]
        • [u]Last Name:[/u] Put your surname or last name[/*]
        • [u]Email Id:[/u] Before putting this place you must have email id because you will get one verification email id on it.[/*]
        • [u]Password:[/u] You must choose password with alphanumeric and special character (!@#$%^&*..etc) combination. If you choose this combination then it will become strongest password, no one can break it easily.[/*]
        • [u]Gender:[/u] If you are boy then put male and if you are girl then female.[/*]
        • [u]Birthday:[/u] Put your birth date correctly with day month and year.[/*]
        • After completing this sign up forms click on "Sign Up"
        • [/*]
        • Next you will open a new window, where it will ask you that "Are your friends already on Facebook?"
        • [/*]
        • If you want to search then you will find using email ids other wise skip it.
        • [/*]
        • [u]Profile Information:[/u] Here you will fill your some details like High School, Employer etc. and then click on Save & Continue other wise Skip[/*]
        • [u]Profile Picture:[/u] Upload your original photo or any wall paper[/*]
        • Now Your Facebook account is ready to use but not fully because before starting your account you verify your email id.
        • [/*]
        • Now, log on to your email account, you will get one email id from facebook.
        • [/*]
        • Open mail then click on link which provided by facbook
        • [/*]
        • Now your account is verified. Here Put your email and password; click on Log In
        • [/*]

        Now You have successfully created your facebook account, connect with your friends.

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