Facebook, Google, Twitter threaten to halt services in Hong

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Facebook, Google, Twitter threaten to halt services in Hong Kong if the government continues to push for changes in data protection laws.
The Wall StreetslotxoJournal reported that global tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter have warned the Hong Kong government that The company is ready to terminate the service in Hong Kong. If the government still insists on changing the personal data protection law.
Letter from the Asian Internet Confederation This includes the giant online platform operators, saying companies are concerned about the rules it plans to deal with. “Illegal acts” could put their employees at risk of criminal investigation or prosecution for posting information online.
Such illegal acts It is the disclosure of information for bullying (Doxing) or having a malicious person secretly revealing personal information such as your real name, address, or work place without permission from the user.
The message in the letter states that “The only way tech companies can avoid such laws. is to cancel investments and services in Hong Kong.”

in May The Hong Kong Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau has proposed amendments to the Personal Data Protection Law. It said the law was necessary to combat bullying disclosure behavior.

Posted 09 Jul 2021

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