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Okay, I think it's a serious crime that there's no thread about pets, so I'm here to help. lol
What kind of pets do you all have? Feel free to share pictures too!
As for me, we have 3 huskies at my house. We also have quite a few cats
because we rescue strays, so I won't torture you all with a flood of cat
Posted 24 Jul 2021

Bellresa says
That's true! I think pets are the best thing in the world. I have a seven-year-old dog that I love more than I love myself. I had a little problem with him because his teeth were getting damaged so I had to look for a water additive in order for me to clean his teeth without brushing them. Besides that, I don't have any problems with him. He is so calm and he listens to me every time I tell him to do something or stop him from doing something. He is my best friend and I want to make his life as perfect as I can. That's why I am taking him with me everywhere I go and give him the best treats.
Posted 24 Jul 2021

hnry67 says
I have one cat. His name is Bodgy. He always meets me from work.)
Posted 23 Sep 2021

fredy9876 says
I have akitten but I don’t know how to name her. She‘s only 2 months. Now, I’m searching for information about cats. For example, this site was recommended by my  mum and I discovered if cats can drink powered milk. The questions about nutrition are the most interesting for me because it’s the fundamental thing for growth of my cat. But I’m so excited that this small kitten choose me to live with
Posted 23 Sep 2021

You must understand real life with pets is very responsible. You take for yourself not just a toy, this is a living being. It is important to study all the nuances and features of education.
Posted 27 Jan 2022

Faustoryld says
I think that a pet for a kid is a must. That’s the only way a child can become responsible. That’s why 8 years ago, we gifted our little daughter a golden retriever puppy called Mickey. Guys, I wish you experienced that! My daughter was so happy! I guess it’s the happiest moment for all of us. Now my daughter is 14 and she can’t spend a day without strolling with Mickey. They’re BFFs, for real. It’s actually rather tough to imagine relationships stronger than these ones. So, pets play an essential role in our lives. Just look at emotional support animals https://www.esaregistration.org/emotional-support-animal-guide/. How much they do for us can’t be measured. The lessons they teach us are priceless. So are the moments spent with them.
Posted 05 Jul 2022

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Posted 12 Aug 2022

bredjoy12 says
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Posted 13 Aug 2022

Lasatin says
Taking care of a pet is a common responsibility that comes along with owning one, and doing the correct things for your animal will help them feel better. I personally select http://www.amazon.com/VETFLIX-Pet-Vitamins-Glucosamine-Multivitamin/dp/B07RDL4FD8 since it is an excellent vitamin complex for my cat and I am pleased with the outcomes. I enjoy not having to worry about delivering the item and being able to purchase it on a platform that suits my needs.
Posted 10 Apr 2023

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