neglect! not enough money Workers drive a loader to demolish a new building.

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The wage dispute in West Germanyslotxohas escalated to the point of being almost unnoticed. A worker set fire to a bulldozer and demolished a building he had built.
A newly built low-rise apartment building in Blumberg, Germany. broken window The balcony was torn to shreds and concrete shards were found scattered all around. from the original that were ready to open for service Residents who were preparing to live in an apartment now had to wait several months. until the repair work is completed
The disaster was caused by a man who resented a long overdue bill. He jumped onto the loader and smashed it. tearing the building he built to pieces
for the attacker Only his name has been revealed. Matija P, 47, however, faces up to five years in prison after German police opened a criminal investigation on harassment charges.

Posted 28 Aug 2021

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Posted 10 Sep 2021

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