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ij.start canon setup To set up to set up the Canon inkjet printer, you must follow these steps. The first step in this procedure is to get your laptop, tablet, or PC. Then, open the web browser on your device. You can opt for any browser that supports web browsing, such as Google Chrome, Internet Edge as well as Mozilla Firefox. Look for the address bar in the browsers top. In the address bar, type "ij.start.canon" in the address bar, then clicks Enter. You'll be taken to the homepage of the website. On the home page you will find tabs for various methods. It is necessary to click “Setup" to open the "Setup" icon. When you click it, you'll be taken to a different window. Here you need to input your Model Number. You can either type in the model number manually, or select the click select option in the lower right corner of the same page. Once you've entered your model number, and click Enter, the setup instructions for your specific model will appear. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Canon Printer Initial Setup

1. Canon printers are more user-friendly than other printers from other brands.
2. The package includes the user's manual, setup discs along with setup cartridges, power cord, and safe-packed printer.
3. Choose a flat surface for your printer, and not 30 feet away from your router, if you are planning to use wireless printing.
4. Connect the power cord's ends to the appropriate ports and start the printer. Make sure to connect the printer to a wall outlet, not the power strip to ensure adequate power.
5. Unpack the setup cartridges and make sure to remove the protective orange cover.
6. Open the printer access door and insert the cartridges into the appropriate compartments. The printer should take about three minutes for it to scan the cartridges.
7. Now, pull the tray out of the way and place the paper guides on it for you to insert your favorite papers. Make sure the paper is aligned by tapping it on the flat surface prior to loading it.
8. Adjust the paper slides as per the size of the paper and then move the tray of paper inside.
9. The printer takes 6 minutes to warm up and print the alignment page for you.
10. The initial setup has been completed, and now you can begin the installation of your printer.

Download and Install Canon Printer Drivers through ij.start canon

1. Canon drivers can be downloaded and installed to fully configure the Canon IJ printer. These are the steps to help you download Canon printer software onto your system.
2. Make sure both your computer and Canon printer are attached to the identical internet connection and check if it is connected to the Canon IJ printer hardware is properly configured.
3. Open your system web browser, and then go to Canon IJ setup website through a web address. This is provided by Canon support officials to guide the user.
4. When you are on the page ij start Canon Click on the "Set up (Start Here)" option. You will need to enter the model number for the Canon printer or select from the list.
5. It will lead you to the next page, which you'll have to make sure that the correct system such as Windows as well as PC is selected on at the top of the page.
6. If you find the Download option in ij.start.canon for Canon ij printer setup, choose the option to download on your computer and then wait for Canon printer drivers to download.
7. Finally, after downloading from ij.start Canon, locate your Canon IJ setup, and double-click on the software file to initiate the IJ Canon installation. Follow the steps on the screen of your system to finish the installation.
8. In the Canon iJ printer setup, if you have an USB cable then connects it. If not you can select to connect wirelessly to finish the procedure.

Start the Installation Process

• Multiple printers will automatically seek out the required drivers almost immediately when the device is connected via USB. Always follow the instructions on the screen in order to complete the installation process.
• If the drivers do not begin to install immediately, you can do the search yourself and then begin the installation: Windows open the "Control Panel" and click on "Devices and Printers". Select "Add Printer" and the system will start looking for the printer. After the printer you want to install appears, select it from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions displayed on screen.
• Mac OS X - From the Apple menu, select System Preferences. Select "Print & Fax" and select the "+" button at the end of the list of printers. Choose the printer you want to use and follow the screen-based instructions to finish the installation.

Ij Start Canon Set Up With USB:

1. Ensure you already have a USB cable.
2. Visit the ij.start Canon's site and choose the Canon printer setup option to download on your PC.
3. Double-click the setup file to start the installation.
4. When the window for connection type is displayed, choose USB connector type. Allow the Canon software to
5. Connect your printer and computer through USB.
6. Connect your printer and device to the same and particular network.
7. Follow the prompts, click yes, and then click the complete tab to finish the installation with USB.
8. Add your canon printer model to Canon IJ setup to download the ij setup.
9. From Device setting and LAN setting, select a network connection.
10. Finally, connect one side of your USB cable into the printer's rear. Connect the other end to the computer port.

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