How does palliative care help with life-threatening illness?

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How does palliative care help with life-threatening illness? Can you recommend any agencies like that?
Posted 15 Jan 2022

freestown7 says
It is more than helpful concerning such services. Your loved ones need the best conditions I believe. I recommend this palliative care near me You see, they were compassionate, answered all of our questions, took amazing care of my mom, helped us through the process and made sure we had everything that could be needed to keep her comfortable. They were there day or the middle of the night - whenever needed. They are truly God sent. They have called since her passing to check on us and even came to her funeral.
Posted 17 Jan 2022

As well as managing pain and comfort levels and providing emotional support to the patient as well as loved ones you will have the benefit of an experienced team who will coordinate whatever the best treatment plan is depending upon the circumstances. I have many friends who are palliative nurses (a job I could never do!) describe it to me as one of the utmost highest privileges a patient can ask them to be a part of their journey.

Posted 18 Jan 2022

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