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Are LED bulbs really safer? I replaced all the lights in the lamps in my
house, and while the glass part of the bulb does not get hot, the base
Posted 08 Feb 2022

etflab says
Posted 08 Feb 2022

llugguss says
Yes, they are a lot better than regular bulbs
Posted 09 Feb 2022

hanywaj says
I have been using LED lighting in my house for quite a few years now, and I can assure you that it is absolutely safe even for children and animals. My kids love this lighting, particularly the bulbs I bought on amazon ( https://www.amazon.com/smart-light-bulb-bulbs-color/dp/B0922Q43LY/ ). I think you will find this option reliable enough for you to put all thoughts of danger aside. What I like about these light bulbs is that their color can be changed with the touch of a smartphone. It is incredibly cool!
Posted 09 Feb 2022

Janomer says
The base in the bulb will still be warm, since all the electricity for lighting comes through it. You can't do it any other way because it's physics. But they are safe in the sense that they won't break and they won't get very hot.
Posted 03 Apr 2022

Janomer says
But there is still a lot depends on the luminaire itself, what materials it is made of, what bases are used, etc. Now there are many lighting options for your apartment, which even have emergency shutdown modes in case of overheating.
Posted 03 Apr 2022

Janomer says
We didn't have a lot of light in the house either. That's why we decided to buy a modern ceiling light https://www.roomservice360.com/modern-lighting/ceiling-lights.html with many bulbs. We chose the work of a well-known designer Andrea Lucatello. As a result, we've got much lighter space at the dinner table. And we've made a comfortable zone to spend time with our family at the table. Previously we had a lamp with one bulb and cold light, which I didn't like)
Posted 03 Apr 2022

Umevi says
Yes, these lights are fully safe and energy-efficient also. If you want to reduce your electricity bills then it is the best way to install LED lights at home. I am looking for wholesale lighting distributors to get some designer LED lights for my home. Now LED lights are coming with a great design and you can make your home 5 stars with the help of LED lights.
Posted 02 May 2022

Clarerisa says
 Most LED bulbs use a combination of blue and yellow LEDs to produce white light. The yellow diode is not dangerous, but the blue diode can cause problems. It emits blue and violet at very short wavelengths with high energy and power. Prolonged and unremitting staring at such a light source can damage your retina. But this disadvantage is easy to deal with. Just don't stare at a bright LED lamp for too long! Or you can buy safer models of Vont lamps. The same rule applies to fluorescent bulbs, and they are much more harmful in this regard because they emit direct ultraviolet light!
Posted 18 May 2022

Olandeep says
When choosing the lamp's brightness, it is necessary to be guided by common sense. In a tiny room, too saturated light will cause discomfort unless we talk about a workshop or a treatment room. And for a spacious room with high ceilings, you can buy a chic, bright LED chandelier and complement it with spotlights. Also, if the bedroom is equipped with a work area for an adult or a desk for a student, brighter lighting in this area will be required. I don't think this is a problem, because if we consider the efficiency of such a lamp, all other problems are trifles.
Posted 08 Jun 2022

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Posted 30 Nov 2022

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