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Is CBD a drug? Is there a danger of becoming addicted? I've been taking CBD for three weeks now and I feel like I'm really addicted to it. 
Posted 20 Feb 2022

Since December 2020, a UN resolution has been officially adopted that CBD/CBD is not a drug in any of its forms, CBD has been proven to have no psychotropic effects and is not addictive. I too thought CBD was a drug, but when it was legalized, I started taking cbd magic brand myself , as indeed its substances are good for dealing with pain and various mental disorders. I think it works better than other known drugs and is more natural.
Posted 20 Feb 2022

Lusia63 says
For me, everything related to cannabis or anything else is still drugs. I believe that all this adversely affects the body and mental state of a person. I don't recommend using any of these.
Posted 20 Feb 2022

Clarerisa says
Dude, a substance doesn't have to be a drug to be addicted to it. My addiction manifests itself in alcoholism. It is caused by forming a mental and physical addiction to alcohol. Many people's cravings for alcohol are caused by a sense of euphoria following a drink. After a while, addiction develops on a biochemical level. At some point, a person cannot give up alcohol on a physical level. This is terrible. Fortunately, there is now a great deal of literature and more information on dealing with addiction. In my case, I got better after dry january. It was like I had a sense of purpose in my life. Who here has had a similar addiction? What advice can you give on how not to snap?
Posted 03 Jun 2022

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