Cooking steak directly on the firebrick flloor. Is this wise?

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okay, . here is another newbie Q: is it smart to place a NY steak or filet directly on the firebrick ? I am thinking that it may just STICK
and then several things will happen ---> the steak will tear & be
ruined when I try to move it, and also ... the oils / fats will stain
the firebrick. Any thoughts?

I must realize that my new hobby of pizza oven cooking is not a BBQ. I
suppose I could easily stick my round 14' pizza stone in the dome and on
top of the firebrick and then I could try using it as the cooking

Any input from any of the members here would be greatly appreciated.

(I am actually itching to place a Costco steak on, like ... right now,
.. since the night of pizza making is now over ... and I want to
experiment ... so .. please, don't hesitate, someone, ... to give me
your 2 cents immediately ... lol)

Posted 06 Mar 2022

vanessaar says
Being born in the village, we used to cook the steak directly on the firebrick floor, but I wouldn't say it's wise. You can easily get a lot of bacteria or roundworms if the meat doesn't get to the proper temperature to be cocked. For 5 years, I haven't eaten any meat because of my stomach condition, but last year I discovered that I got healed and started looking for fine meat products. Because of the pandemic, many shops were closed, so I found this company online I have to say that their beef is delicious and at an affordable price, and I recommend it to {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}
Posted 06 Mar 2022

elixirhtc says
That is something very phenomenal for everyone to know about how to do it ...
Posted 07 Mar 2022

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