Hard Drive Burn-In Testing - Discussion Thread

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Would you run iozone in addition to badblocks?
Posted 26 Apr 2022

Nortman says
Thanks for the tip on tmux, I had started a test on my first disk earlier today, and now I just started simultaneous tests on the
remaining 5 drives, so I'll run it for a bit and compare it to the speed
on my initial test to see if there's any performance hit for parallel
tests. S.M.A.R.T. tests are asynchronous, so you don't need it for
them, but for badblocks, you do.

Edit: only 5% into the first pass, but the speed seems to be right on
par with the first test, so that's nice. Glad I was able to get this
started now, because my initial estimates of the test duration didn't
take into account the fact that the readback pass occurs separately, or
that the status bar only displays the status of the current pass, so
it's looking like a little over 8 hours *per pass* on a 2TB WD Red,
which is going to end up taking more than 24 hours for a complete 4-pass
test. That's fine, since I'll be gone for the weekend, but again,
REALLY glad you gave me the tip on tmux when you did, since that means
I'll be able to have all 6 drives tested by the time I get back :)
Posted 26 Apr 2022

Striker1s says
After an HDD failure, I lost my data once and spent big money on data recovery services. After that, I got paranoid about testing my drives. I run a monthly check on the array to make sure there are no parity errors and haven't had any errors come up in the year and a half I've had my main array up. Is that comparable to the SMART test? I check SMART stats every now and again with no issues, but I don't have any notification system set up as of yet. I plan to move to FreeNAS soon instead of relying on Windows file sharing, so I will probably set it up then.
Posted 26 Apr 2022

elixirhtc says
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