The War on Plastic Bags

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This seems in full swing now right around the country with state Governments announcing dates for plastic bag bans and major supermarkets phasing them out. There is a (rather inconvenient) push for supermarket customers to bring their own tupperware to place items in, which I find a bit ridiculous.
What's also interesting is the plastic bags they are getting rid of are being labelled as "single use" when in fact plastic bags can be used many multiple times if your not lazy and store them.

I do wonder what Governments and big businesses real agenda is. I doubt that this is all about alturistic environmentalism.

Posted 24 Sep 2022

I have never used plastic bags.
Posted 28 Sep 2022

rosemann says
The war on plastic is a long and arduous process for us. The desire for maximum customer convenience is forcing stores to use more and more packaging, even in cases where you can do without it just fine. Try to avoid plastic-wrapped fruits and vegetables altogether. For example, I buy good Kraft paper td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}halloween bags. They are even better than plastic bags. Using plastics in the kitchen, even specialty food grade ones is not only environmentally illiterate but can also directly harm your health.
Posted 28 Sep 2022

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