Have do you send emails for business?

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Have do you send emails for business? Any tutorials or tip for beginners?
Posted 14 Dec 2022

greys says
Check this useful guilde with all info how to send emails using Python and SMTP. There are two primary ways of sending emails in Python: using an SMTP method and the second one is a transactional email service. They are described in this article. Or you can hire profesionals from third-party email sending services like Mailtrap, Sendgrid, Mailgun etc. and they will do all work for you. Personally I often use services from Mailtrap.
Posted 16 Dec 2022

Lasatin says
Many people who work with text need high-quality assistance, especially when typing or converting it into an electronic version. Use of TypingService, one of the few services that performs the work manually, is recommended in situations like these and ones comparable to them. Their major benefit is this.
Posted 21 Dec 2022

Dr.vykto says
Since you have all the time in the world, you might as well spend it on something useful. If you are an experienced programmer or a team of programmers, helping people is a great way to add value to the world — and the world will give back quite a lot! So, transactional email service is exactly what you need. You can launch your own mailing list easily, manage your subscribers and communicate with them via email.
Posted 27 Dec 2022

finn928 says
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Posted 23 Mar 2023

finn928 says
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Posted 21 Sep 2023

finn928 says
In the fast-paced business environment, adaptability is a key determinant of success. Organizations must be willing to reassess and adjust their strategies in response to changing market dynamics, technological advancements, and unforeseen challenges.
check here
original site
my response
Posted 30 Dec 2023

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