The Best Sex Toys And Vibrators For Women, Tried And Tested

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'If I'm being really honest, I had more orgasms in lockdown than I would normally. Dating men is like playing the orgasm lottery, you get one in a blue moon. After the casual sex ban, I started having sex with myself way more. I was satisfied all the time. To get more news about Sex Toys, you can visit official website.

Claudia is one of many women whose relationship with sex and masturbation completely changed because of the lockdown. Finding more time at home alone meant one thing: our sex toys and vibrators became our best friends.'Before lockdown, I rarely had time to masturbate,' Niamh, from Liverpool, told Grazia during lockdown. 'Now, I get at least two sessions in a day and I love it. It's not just the orgasms - although they certainly help me feel more productive and relaxed day to day - I feel like I've really improved my relationship with my body and outlook on sex in general.

'I wasn't necessarily ashamed before, but I wasn't very experimental and didn't see masturbating as a priority. Now, knowing how much it can improve my mood and general wellbeing, I feel like it's a vital element of self-care.'

Niamh isn't wrong, according to Eleanor Mckenzie, editor of erotic subscription Lady Victoria Howard, masturbating releases an incredible cocktail of hormones that improves your wellbeing in a number of ways.

'Research and anecdotal reports suggest that sexual stimulation, like masturbation, can relieve stress and tension, boost your mood, help you sleep better and improve your sex life by better understanding your wants and needs,' she explains. 'Orgasm causes the release of endorphins, which are known to reduce stress and boost confidence. Also released is serotonin, which is a known antidepressant.'

Undoubtedly, she says, it proved particularly important during lockdown to combat loneliness and the lack of physical touch.Perhaps that's why Lily Allen's 'The Liberty' vibrator in collaboration with Womanizer skyrocketed off the shelves upon its release last year. In fact, according to Google Trends, searches for the 'best sex toys' on Lovehoney, Womaniser and Bondara went through the roof throughout lockdown. The Doxy Massage Wand seemed to be of particular interest, with searches peaking for it too.

Ultimately, lockdown seems to have changed our attitudes towards sex and masturbation for good, even after we returned to normal socialising. Because, once you've experienced the high life - and we mean, very high - why go back?

With all that search in mind, we've put together this list of the best sex toys and vibrators for women - tried and tested. You're welcome (or rather, thank you). You never know, one of these amazing vibrators might turn you into a Claudia and change your dating life forever. Daily orgasms and no dating-drama? We don't really need convincing to be honest...

Posted 30 Dec 2022

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Posted 21 Aug 2023

rosemann says
It's fascinating how people's experiences with intimacy and self-care evolved during lockdown. It's great to hear that many individuals, like Claudia and Niamh, discovered the positive impact of self-pleasure and how it can improve their overall well-being. Sexual health and self-care are important aspects of our lives, and it's wonderful that more people are recognizing their significance. Exploring different tools and techniques, such as sex toys and vibrators, can indeed enhance one's understanding of their own desires and preferences. Thanks for sharing this insightful perspective, and if you ever want to delve into topics like lifelike sex dolls, there's a lot to explore in that realm as well. It's all about embracing our desires and taking care of ourselves in the best way possible!
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