The Mech Touch (Web Novel) - Chapter 4250

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The Mech Touch (Web Novel) - Chapter 4250
As the Hex Army and subsequently the Golden Skull Alliance finally put their melee mech units into play, the Sundered Phalanx did not remain still.To get more news about The Mech Touch, you can visit official website.
The Gaugers sent forth their own melee mech units in order to stop the enemy from charging too close to whatever was left of the Kosic Ring.
Though a lot of orbital space stations had already lost their titan shields and most of their turrets, the enormous metal constructs were still intact mostly.
It was not profitable for the attacking to continue to break down these huge fortifications. It took way too many concentrated volleys to blast the sturdy space stations to pieces.
Hence, even if the space stations had lost almost all functionality, their physical mass still provided the Sundered Phalanx with a considerable amount of hard cover where friendly ranged mechs could shelter behind.
Just like how the Hex Army and the Golden Skull Alliance's ranged mech units continued to utilize nearby starships as cover, the Sundered Phalanx ranged mechs still depended a lot on these remaining hulks to fight while minimizing their exposure to enemy fire.
All of that would instantly become invalid if the melee mechs dispatched by the Hexers and the Golden Skullers managed to get into point-blank range!
Therefore, the Sundered Phalanx deployed their melee mechs out in force despite the fact that they would be exposing themselves to a lot of ranged attacks as a result!
Certain people such as Ves sighed in relief when they saw that the enemy had redirected their fire away from starships.
The only mechs that continued to concentrate their firepower on the combat vessels of the invading forces were the heavy artillery mechs of the Witch Shatterers and other siege-oriented mech units.
Though Ves would have preferred it if the Eye of Ylvaine focused their heavy firepower on the Witch Shatterers, he understood that it was better for his Transcendent Punisher Mark II's to shoot down the incoming waves of enemy mech units.
Hahahaha! You're right! The Gaugers shouldn't be prepared for everything that we have in store for them. I am especially looking forward to the performance of the Battle Criers and the Swordmaidens in this engagement. The Avatars of Myth and the Flagrant Vandals shouldn't be too bad either."
A lot of years had passed since the Larkinson Clan fought its last major battle. Every mech legion underwent a qualitative and quantitative evolution.
Unlike years before, the Design Department had made sure that every Larkinson mech legion came equipped with a synergistic collection of exclusive mech models.
Along with the mech doctrines and exclusive strategies and tactics that the servicemen designed around these signature mech models, the Larkinson mech units gained much more power from synergy, coordination and teamwork than before!
As Ves studied the battle map, he noticed that the flanking units of the Hex Army and the Golden Skull Alliance were about to collide against their opposition first despite the fact that they had to swing around.
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