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Aishwarya Rai is set to wed Abhishek Bachchan on February 19, it is reliably learnt.

Sources close to the Bachchans' family astrologer told that the wedding will be held after the release of their new film together, Guru.

The astrologers have advised that February 19 is the ideal time for the couple to wed, as Aishwarya's celestial planetary position will become compatible.

According to sources, the wedding will be held at Mumbai's Grand Hyatt hotel in the presence of relatives and friends.

Neeta Lulla and Anna Singh will design the wedding dress for Ash and Abhishek respectively.

Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri too married soon after the release of Amitabh's first hit Zanjeer, in which both actors starred.
Posted 24 Dec 2006

~tasha~ says
Ash is leaving post-marriage decisions to in-laws

Subhash K Jha
[ 18 Jan, 2007 0216hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

Apparently, the Bachchans don't intend to stop their bahu working after marriage.

Now that the engagement's happened there's widespread speculation about the Ash-Abhishek marriage date and, of course, Ash's post-marriage plans. "Didn't Jaya give it all up at the peak of her career to be Mrs Amitabh Bachchan?" — one producer on the verge of signing Ash for a big action thriller seemed to express the entire industry's anxieties.

But apparently the Bachchans have no intention of stopping their bahu from working. Says a source close to the family, "There's no talk of Aishwarya giving up her career. This is the time when she needs to build on her actor's image."

According to the source, "This is one of Ash's busiest years in a long time. Apart from two international projects, The Last Legion and Provoked, which are ready for release, she's shooting for Ashutosh Gowariker's Jodha-Akbar. After that she goes into Ram Gopal Varma's Sarkar 2, followed by a film for Karan Johar's production house. Both feature Abhishek Bachchan. It would make a lot of practical sense for Ash to do her films with Abhishek. That doesn't mean she'll be exclusively associated with Abhishek professionally. In fact, Ash is about to ink another project to be directed by Shriram Raghavan which stars John Abraham. All these will keep her busy till at least the middle of 2008."

But Ash is completely one with whatever Abhishek's parents decide, says the source. "She's leaving all her post-marriage decisions to them. In fact, she has been going by their wishes for some time now."
Posted 23 Jan 2007

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Kolkata designer to dress Abhishek

Himika Chaudhuri
Posted Thursday , January 18, 2007 at 19:49
Updated Thursday , January 18, 2007 at 20:08 Email Print

Kolkata / Varanasi: A week's deadline - that's what Aishwarya Rai's mother, Brinda Rai gave Sharbari Datta, a Kolkata based designer, when she called on the designer to place an exclusive order.

Datta has been designated to design four kurtas and a dhoti for Abhishek Bachchan for the pre-wedding functions.

“I asked for the measurements and she said her demand is 6ft 3inches. I don't have anything in that measurement, so I will have to design the whole line. They know its on a short notice and she apologized. She's very sweet,” Dutta says.

Referring to Aishwarya, the designer said, “She called me up and said she'd use them sparingly.”

However, that's not all. Aishwarya Rai's pre-wedding wear will also include 21 sarees from a saree store in Varanasi.

The bill for 14 sarees was Rs 1,52,000, and the shopkeeper insists there is more to come.

“There will be more sarees for the wedding. These are just for the functions before the d-day,” he said.

With January 22 as the deadline for Datta, and some shopping already done, there is little doubt that the grand Bahchcan-Rai wedding is right around the corner.

Posted 23 Jan 2007

kOoLeSt1 says
thanks 4 sharing
Posted 23 Jan 2007

~tasha~ says
Posted 23 Jan 2007

~tasha~ says
Ash-Abhishek preparation in full swing

Saturday February 10, 06:43 PM
By Vandana Thakur

Kolkata, Feb 10 (ANI): Sharbari Dutta, a Kolkata based men's wear designer, is designing the attire, including kurta, achkans, semi-sherwanis, dhotis and chadars of Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan.

Aishwarya Rai's mother, Vrinda Rai has reportedly placed an exclusive order with Sharbari.

Sharbari says that she has not been bound by stringent guidelines and has been given creative freedom for her designs.

She added that Vrinda Rai has been with her work.

On Abhishek, she said that her cuts, designs and style would definitely suit him.

"Little bit of surprise should be there. So I am not disclosing all the details. But actually they have given me freedom, it is a traditional ceremony, so dresses, cuts and styles will be traditional. And, for the same reason, the colours should be bright. The groom is young. I am quite happy. I am free to create and use any of the colours, style and cut for him," said Sharbari.

She said she would take at least ten weeks to complete the entire assemble.
Posted 14 Feb 2007

~tasha~ says
Hindu body decries Abhishek-Aishwarya's pre-wedding rituals

New Delhi, Feb 11: A US-based Hindu reform body has expressed concern at "astrology-related and similar unscientific rituals" performed by Amitabh Bachchan's family ahead of the marriage of his son Abhishek with Aishwarya Rai.

In a statement from Troy in Michigan, Navya Shastra strongly disapproved the Manglik-related ceremonies performed by the Bachchan family before and after the couple's engagement.

"Astrology and similar unscientific practices should be renounced in marital matchmaking and other everyday activities in Hindu society," said Navya Shastra chairman Jaishree Gopal.

"What concerns us is that millions of people may rationalise their mistreatment of women based upon the Abhishek-Rai example.

"As it is, hundreds of thousands of women -- and even some men -- have difficulty marrying because of the alleged perniciousness of a random confluence of stars," Gopal said.

Aishwarya's Manglik sign (Mars-bearing) is believed to have negative consequences on her impending marriage.

Special pujas were performed at Kashi Vishwanath temple and Sankat Mochan temple in Varanasi before the couple's engagement. After the Big B announced last month that Abhishek and Aishwarya were engaged, the family went to Vindhyavasini temple where Manglik-related ceremonies were performed.

According to Navya Shastra, "these actions will have a unhealthy impact on their (the family's) fan base and subject brides-to-be to expiation ceremonies".

Posted 14 Feb 2007

~tasha~ says

They did it. Finally. Got engaged, that is. Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan, we mean. After nearly a year of media speculation. On Sunday, January, 14, 2007, immediately after the premiere of Guru in New York. Abhishek proposed to Aishwarya who immediately accepted the proposal. And why not? The pair has been inseparable for months now. However, they have maintained a dignified silence in spite of extreme pressure from the media.

The engagement was confirmed by Abhishek’s father, Amitabh Bachchan. The engagement ceremony took place at the Bachchans’ residence Jalsa in Mumbai and was attended by the couple’s family and close friends. However, the press was not allowed to witness the ceremony. It was clear that the Bachchan family, which is perhaps the most photographed family in Bollywood, wanted this event to be a very private one. And when will the wedding be? The date has not been confirmed but it is believed that it will be a very private wedding.

The couple first came together in Kuch Na Kaho in 2003 and soon became best friends. Not even the press knows when the friendship became love but there were visible signs when Aishwarya split with her boyfriend, actor Vivek Oberoi in November 2005. Oberoi said that the reason for the split was that Aishwarya never acknowledged their relationship in public while he was talking all about it. But again, Aishwarya never talked about her first boyfriend, actor Salman Khan either. Neither has she ever spoken about her relationship with Abhishek in public. Actor Abhishek Bachchan was earlier engaged to Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor. However, they broke off their engagement and Karisma married Delhi-based Sanjay Kapoor in September 2003.

In November 2006, Aishwarya accompanied the Bachchan family to the Varanasi temple to do special poojas. Again, there were rumors that she would soon become the Bachchan bahu. Aishwarya always maintained that the press would know when she got married. It seems that time is now.
Posted 14 Feb 2007

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Our parents should decide, says Abhishek on marriage date

Calcutta News.Net
Wednesday 14th February, 2007 (IANS)

Abhishek Bachchan is upset with those who said his father Amitabh went overboard while praising him for his performance in 'Guru'.

'People who grudge him a father's pride are not nice. Please don't take that moment away from him. You've the right to express your comments on him as an actor. Please leave him alone when he's playing a father,' Abhishek told IANS in an interview.

'My father's opinion means the world to me. He isn't only a father but also someone whom I consider to be the best actor in the world. His positive reaction to my work is enough! As an actor, I crave to make my parents happy.'

If Abhishek is scaling new heights in his professional life, everything seems to be going in the right direction on the personal front too. He got engaged to Aishwarya Rai last month and the marriage is expected soon.

When asked about his marriage date, Abhishek said: 'Nothing is decided yet. I've left it to our parents to decide. We're ready any time they are.'

Right now he is busy shooting his first special-effect film 'Drona' in Bikaner.


Q: You turned a year older.

A: Yes, 31.

Q: Is this birthday more special because you're getting married soon?

A: Birthday is a birthday. I was working through it. That's what I like to do on my birthdays. I like to spend my birthday with my family, if I can.

Q: When is the marriage going to happen?

A: Nothing is decided yet. I've left it to our parents to decide. We're ready any time they are.

Q: But it's not happening in February?

A: No.

Q: You are currently shooting for 'Drona' in Bikaner.

A: It's a special-effects film. Interesting, because it's a new genre and therefore never done before by me. My mom plays my mom in the film, though she has a very brief role. We shot together and it was great fun.

Actually, we did a Bengali film 'Desh' together. I spoke a bit of Bengali in the film. 'Drona' director Goldie Behl is family. His sister Shristi and Goldie have grown up with me. Both mom and dad have worked for their banner. So, it's like homecoming. This is my second film with Goldie.

Q: Why did Goldie take so long to make another film after 'Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai'?

A: That was his personal choice, and we should respect that. He wanted to be sure of what he wanted to make. Both Goldie and I have changed a lot as persons. The conviction will show up in 'Drona'. We've finished about 60 percent.

Q: 'Guru' has got you unbelievable applause.

A: Unfortunately because I'm in Bikaner I'm kind of cut away from what's going on in Mumbai. But it's great to know a TOI editorial has been written about it. 'Guru' is a very special film. It's so wonderful to know that our hard work has paid off. When I saw the film first, I was very inspired by the character. For the first time in my career I stopped being an actor and looked at the film as a member of the audience.

Q: How does your dad's vocal appreciation of 'Guru' makes you feel?

A: If I may be allowed to sound a little pompous, let me say I didn't care what the rest of the world would say. His reaction would be more than enough for me. Did his reaction embarrass me? Not at all! Praise is what we live for.

My father's opinion means the world to me. He isn't only a father but also someone whom I consider to be the best actor in the world. To be honest, I don't care what the film's fate would've been. His positive reaction to my work is enough. As an actor I crave to make my parents happy. Thank god, I got the opportunity in 'Guru'.

As a son, I firmly believe I wouldn't want to come in the way of a father's praise. I'm not a father. So, I don't know what that emotion is. One day I hope to be a father. Then I'll know the same pride that my father does. As a father he's allowed to express his appreciation for his son, isn't he? And I love him even more for it.

Q: A lot of people feel he's overdoing the praise for you.

A: I think they're being very mean. Yes, he's Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. But first and foremost he's a father. People who grudge him a father's pride are not nice. Please don't take that moment away from him. You've the right to express your comments on him as an actor. Please leave him alone when he's playing a father.

Q: A lot of people are disappointed by your performance in 'Dhoom 2'.

A: I'm very proud of the film. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. As for my subdued performance, as you called it, I had to go by the way the character was established in the first 'Dhoom'. I was just carrying forward my character.

Q: Are you a more careful selector of parts after 'Guru'?

A: I've never selected parts. Parts have selected me.

Q: Satisfied with life?

A: I don't think an actor can ever be fully satisfied. I'm very excited about the work that I'm doing.

Q: Looking forward to your role as a householder?

A: That sounds so scary. It's a new dawn, a new day, new challenges.... I'm looking forward to it. God has been very kind.
Posted 03 Mar 2007

~tasha~ says
Marriage sounds so scary: Abhishek
Posted Thursday , February 15, 2007 at 16:34
Updated Thursday , February 15, 2007 at 16:48

New Delhi: The fans of Bollywood’s most talked about couple Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan are waiting with baited breath for the stars to declare their wedding date.

But there seems to be a minor snag in the couple's love story. Marriage blues have taken a toll on the groom to be.

“Marriage. That sounds so scary,” Abhishek was quoted by a website as saying.

After months of speculation, Ash and Abhishek finally got engaged on January 14 soon after they returned from the premiere of their film Guru in Toronto and New York.

The actress made her first public appearance with the Bachchans, after her engagement with Abhishek, to the sleepy town of Mirzapur in UP to celebrate Amitabh Bachchan’s bosom pal, Amar Singh’s birthday on January 28.

She was also spotted at an event by the French Embassy to honour Amitabh with the highest civilian award of the French Government later that evening.

However, despite the couple's numerous public appearances, the entire Bachchan clan has been tight-lipped about the date of the wedding.

“Nothing is decided yet. I have left it to our parents to decide. We are ready any time they are,” he was quoted as saying.

But rumours have been doing the rounds that the Ash-Abhishek wedding, one of the biggest this year, is likely to take place in Mumbai.

So till then we will just have to wait and watch for the wedding which will host to some of the biggest personalities from the world of sports, politics, business and entertainment attending.

Posted 03 Mar 2007

~tasha~ says
Abhi-Ash wedding a hot topic in Pak
Posted Monday , February 19, 2007 at 02:43
Updated Monday , February 19, 2007 at 02:50

New Delhi: A visiting team of Pakistani journalists said on Sunday that the much-awaited wedding of Bollywood stars Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai is the most talked about subject in Pakistan.

The journalists were offering their prayer at the shrine of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisthi in Ajmer.

The eight-member journalist delegation arrived in India on Saturday on a 12-day tour.

Talking to newsmen, senior reporter of News International Network Tahir Mohammed Khan said there is no difference between the two countries in terms of hospitality and affection.

"We are getting the same amount of love and affection here in India that we get in our country. Hindi movies are a craze in Pakistan," PTI quoted Khan as saying.

"The much-awaited wedding of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai is the most talked about subject in Pakistan," he said.

The delegation would also visit Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Posted 03 Mar 2007

Posted 08 Mar 2007

wafakadard says
18 to guzar gaya na

shaadi hoo ghi hai kya??????????
Posted 08 Mar 2007

I heard they're getting married nxt month! - april 07'
Posted 08 Mar 2007

wafakadard says
ok thanks
Posted 09 Mar 2007

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London_Girl said:

I heard they're getting married nxt month! - april 07'

Posted 09 Mar 2007

im not too sure! decision to badal tey rehtey hain, u know what am saying
Posted 09 Mar 2007

wafakadard says
London_Girl said:

im not too sure! decision to badal tey rehtey hain, u know what am saying

yeh to sahe kahaa ap nay
Posted 10 Mar 2007

this is not fear yar
Posted 10 Mar 2007

Doctors ! (jOke)

A young doctor had moved out to a small community to replace a doctor who was retiring.

The older doctor suggested the young one accompany him on his rounds so the community could become used to a new doctor.

At the first house a woman complained, " I've been a little sick to my stomach."

The older doctor said, "Well, you've probably been overdoing the fresh fruit. Why don't you cut back on the amount you've been eating and see if that does the trick?"

As they left the younger man said, "You didn't even examine that woman. How'd you come to your diagnosis so quickly?"

"I didn't have to. You noticed I dropped my stethoscope on the floor in there? When I bent over to pick it up, I noticed a half dozen banana peels in the trash. That was what was probably making her sick."

"Hmmm,!" the younger doctor said, "Pretty clever. I think I'll try that at the next house."

Arriving at the next house, they spent several minutes talking with a younger woman. She complained that she just didn't have the energy she once did.

"I'm feeling terribly run down lately."

"You've probably been doing too much extra work for the church," the younger doctor told her. "Perhaps you should cut back a bit and see if that helps."

As they left, the elder doc said, "Your diagnosis is almost certainly correct, but how did you arrive at it?

"Well, just like you did at the last house , I dropped my stethoscope and when I bent down to retrieve it, I noticed the preacher under the bed.
Posted 10 Mar 2007

Posted 10 Mar 2007

~tasha~ says
Big B clears the air on Ash-Abhi's marriage date

Indo-Asian News Service
Mumbai, March 10, 2007

Belying over-enthusiastic reports of a marriage date for Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachchan says they are as impatient as others but haven't been able to finalise a day due to paucity of time.

"We still haven't got a date. The two of them are so busy, we haven't been able to sit down and work it out," Amitabh told IANS, denying reports that they were supposed to marry on February 19 or March 19.

"Now Abhishek's schedule for Drona is postponed so I'm hoping we'll be able to sit down and work out a date. But Aishwarya is in Karjat shooting and Jaya has gone off to Parliament. Everyone is impatient. So are Aishwarya and Abhishek."

Though the two families would like it to be an intimate affair, fans and celebrity watchers are expecting a large wedding.

"Let's see. I think far too much is being made of this affair. It's just another wedding."

It was a very moving moment for Amitabh when he went up on stage at the Filmfare Awards to give his wife the Lifetime Achievement trophy.

"I didn't know I had to give a speech. So, whatever I said came from the heart. I needed to recollect a lifetime with Jaya to give her the trophy for Lifetime Achievement."

"That evening brought out a lot of emotions. My daughter Shweta, who's a tough girl, was moved to tears. Aishwarya was crying. For Jaya to acknowledge us as well as Aishwarya's family was wonderful. The day Abhishek announced Aishwarya was the girl he was going to marry, she became a part of our family. I look on Aishwarya as a daughter."

As for the Big B not getting a Filmfare Award this year, "I didn't deserve one this year. I thought Abhishek was far more award-worthy in KANK (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna). I very happily and proudly accept that."

On stage Jaya had thanked her husband for giving her a home.

Says Amitabh,"That was a manifestation of a larger socio-cultural philosophy. In our society a woman is uprooted from her paternal home after marriage and put through this whole process of re-acclimatisation in what's known as a 'paraya ghar'. A lot of us don't understand how painful this uprooting process is for a woman. That evening Jaya was acknowledging that whole process."

For a special directors' preview of Nishabd last week, Abhishek was moved to tears.

"I called all my directors to see Nishabd on March 7. Ravi Chopra, who is a very hard director to please, was deeply moved. People are surprised. They came expecting something else.

"Abhishek had only some rushes earlier on. He had some apprehensions about Nishabd. He doesn't show his emotions that easily. He was visibly moved. He feels my performance in Nishabd is better than in Black. Abhishek made an interesting observation. He said I had huge props in Black. In Nishabd, I performed without props. Again, Abhishek is a hard customer to please."

On Shah Rukh Khan's comments on his friend and Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh at the Filmfare Awards, he says, "Those were off-hand comments made in jest. Such comments shouldn't be taken seriously."

Posted 13 Mar 2007

"We still haven't got a date. The two of them are so busy, we haven't been able to sit down and work it out," Amitabh told IANS, denying reports that they were supposed to marry on February 19 or March 19.
Posted 13 Mar 2007

~tasha~ says

Indian movie stars ABHISHEK BACHCHAN and AISHWARYA RAI have delayed setting a date for their wedding - because they are too busy to get married. The Bollywood couple announced their engagement in January (07), but have not found time to plan their impending nuptials because of their heavy work schedules.

Legendary actor and father of the groom-to-be, AMITABH BACHCHAN says, "Now Abhishek's schedule for (new movie) DRONA is postponed so I'm hoping we'll be able to sit down and work out a date. "But Aishwarya is in Karjat (India) shooting. Everyone is impatient. So are Aishwarya and Abhishek." But while he is keen to start wedding preparations, Bachchan Sr. already considers himself Rai's father-in-law. He adds, "The day Abhishek announced Aishwarya was the girl he was going to marry, she became a part of our family. I look on Aishwarya as a daughter."
Posted 15 Mar 2007

~tasha~ says
Date fixed for Abhiash wedding: Reports

Press Trust of India
Posted online: Saturday, March 17, 2007 at 1822 hours IST
Updated: Saturday, March 17, 2007 at 1837 hours IST

Mumbai, March 17: The wedding of actors Abhishek Bachchan with Aishwarya Rai is likely to be held on April 18.

Though there was no official confirmation, sources close to Abhishek's family said the marriage is expected to be solemnised on April 18 at Prateeksha, the bungalow of his father Amitabh Bachchan.

Abhishek is currently shooting for his friend Goldi Bhel's movie Drona and Aishwarya is busy with the shoot of Jodha Akbar directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar.

The rights for covering the mega wedding have reportedly been sold to an international media house.
Posted 21 Mar 2007

April 18??????????

god knows if thats true too
Posted 21 Mar 2007

wafakadard says
yeh hoo ghi dunya dekhye ghi
Posted 22 Mar 2007

sweetie says
today i heard dat they r gettin married on 19th April of this year

r they realy getting married or wot?

Posted 27 Mar 2007

yup.. i heard this too, God knows if that's true or wot

don't bother, man!...ash and her wedding bells.. aahhhh
Posted 28 Mar 2007

~tasha~ says
Aishwarya will do films after marriage too

------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------
By Subhash K. Jha, IANS

The much talked about Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai marriage has sparked off a lot of speculation about Ash's future assignments. However, Ram Gopal Varma confirms he's going ahead with "Sarkar 2" as per plans, as has Karan Johar's chief assistant Tarun Mansukhani.

Aishwarya has also said yes to Shridhar Raghavan's "Happy Birthday" with John Abraham, in principle.

"She goes into all these assignments as soon as she completes 'Jodha-Akbar'. There's absolutely no reason to think she'd quit working after marriage. Everyone in the two families is very supportive of Aishwarya's career. And that includes Jaya Bachchan," a source close to Aishwarya told IANS.

In the light of these declarations, the contention that the actress would back out of her commitments including Vicky ("Fight Club") Chopra's "Raaste", seems implausible.

Says "Raaste" producer Suniel Shetty: "My film with Chopra is very much on. But I'm in no hurry to start it. A lot depends on when Abhishek and Aishwarya get married. This project needs a lot of pre-production preparation. So whenever they're comfortably placed we will go ahead with it. As a producer I want to make sure I don't stress anyone out."

Aishwarya, who's currently ensconced in Karjat shooting for Ashutosh Gowariker's "Jodha-Akbar", has the film fraternity agog to see her in her next two films with Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek.

Says a young and very ambitious director: "I want to bring her together with both Abhishek and Hrithik, since she's proved herself a hit with them both in 'Guru' and 'Dhoom 2'. I'm working on a script and will approach them only after I'm completely satisfied that I can do full justice to all of them.

"I've been assured by her secretary that Aishwarya has no plans for quitting. These rumours are being spread by people who would rather see her quit than conquer new heights. She has given two hits in a row and is more career-focussed now and determined to prove she's here to stay, than ever before."

While she has the historical "Jodha-Akbar" with Hrithik, there are three projects with Abhishek in the pipeline.

The elusive Rekha for one is dying to see "Jodha-Akbar". "I haven't seen 'Guru'. But I saw portions of 'Dhoom 2' and was very impressed by Aishwarya. That girl knows how to carry herself. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing her in 'Jodha-Akbar'," said Rekha.

Laughs Gowariker: "I'm not daunted by people's expectations from Ash in 'Jodha-Akbar'. I don't know how well I'm directing. But she is certainly every bit the epitome of Jodha."

Posted 28 Mar 2007

~tasha~ says
Abhi-Ash will wed on Apr 20, only 15 invited

Mohua Chatterjee
[ 27 Mar, 2007 0023hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK >

NEW DELHI: You read it here first. Don’t go to Jodhpur to catch a glimpse of the wedding of the year.
For, the most eagerly-awaited Bollywood wedding — of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai — will be held in Mumbai on April 20. The venue, according to sources, will in all probability be Amitabh Bachchan’s Mumbai home.

In case you’re headed to your wardrobe, get this. It’s not going to be the big fat Bollywood wedding. From all accounts, the guest list will be a close 15 — the Bachchan and Rai families and close friends like Amar Singh, the Ambanis et al.

Posted 28 Mar 2007

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