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A man walks into a barber shop and asks; "how much for a hair cut?" The barber said $12.50. The man asks; "and how much for a shave?" The barber said $1.50. The man then says SHAVE IT ALL.
Posted 24 Jul 2007

eshajam says
yaha Be...D aur C
Posted 25 Oct 2007

eshajam says
Pars Chori Honey k Baad Larki Ka Reaction

Gareeb Larki : O Mere Pesay
Ameer Larki : O Mera Credit Card
Khubsurat Larki : O sh*t Os Mein To Usman Ki Tasveer Thi

************************************************************ **

A Sardar was passing from a jungle,
A Churail stops him and says:
Hoo Hoo Haa Ha Ha, mai Churail hoon,

Sardar:janta hoon, teri 1 behan mere ghar bhi hai

************************************************************ *

Why does donkey eat grass?

Ohh, Sorry!! It’s your personal matter..lolzzz

************************************************************ *

Agar dum hai to is sawal ka jawaab HAAN ya NAA mein dekar batao...

"Kya Aapko Pagalpan ke Daure padne band ho gaye Hain???"

************************************************************ *

Two Sardarjis, both student of I.I.T, Kanpur,

were talking about the American Astronauts.

One said to the other, "What`s the big deal

about going to the moon-anybody can go to the moon.

We are sardars we will go direct to the sun."

"But if we get within 13 million miles from the sun, we`ll melt."

And the first answered, "So what, we`ll go at night."

************************************************************ **

A Sardar is visiting Mumbai. This is his first time to the city, so he wants to see the Gateway of India.

He asks a Hawaldaar (police officer) for directions.

"Excuse me Hawaldaar," the Sardar says, "How do I get to the Gateway of India?"

The Hawaldaar says, "Wait here at this bus stop for the number 123 bus. It`ll take you right there."

The Sardar thanks the officer and waits at the bus stop. Three hours later the Hawaldaar comes back to the same area,

and sure enough, the Sardar is still waiting at the same bus stop. He gets out off his motorcycle and says, "Excuse me,

but to get to the Gateway of India, I said to wait here for the number 123 bus. That was three hours ago. Why are you still waiting?"

The Sardar says, "Don`t worry, it won`t be long now. The 86th bus just went by!"

************************************************************ *****
Posted 25 Oct 2007

Bazigaar says
eshajam said:

Pars Chori Honey k Baad Larki Ka Reaction

Gareeb Larki : O Mere Pesay
Ameer Larki : O Mera Credit Card
Khubsurat Larki : O sh*t Os Mein To Usman Ki Tasveer Thi

this can be made better if the khubsurat larki says:

Khubsurat Larki : O sh*t Os Mein To meri asal (without make-up) Tasveer Thi
Posted 25 Oct 2007

eshajam says

Posted 25 Oct 2007

cheeta said:

Posted 25 Oct 2007

cheeta says
jami knew k mera name usman hai iss liye he put my name in da joke

but bro kissi larki k pass appni tasveer shayid hoo but apun k pass hai kismat..................,

kitni achi hai na dat i m freeeeeee
Posted 25 Oct 2007

cheeta says
eshajam said:

yaha Be...D aur C

nahi tu
Posted 25 Oct 2007

cheeta says
[daisy said:


cheeta said:

how sweet of u
Posted 25 Oct 2007

Posted 25 Oct 2007

Mujrim says
goin gud ppl
Posted 25 Oct 2007

Posted 26 Oct 2007

Ayesha says
where is joke of the day?
Posted 27 Oct 2007

Mujrim says
sunday haina to public holiday
Posted 28 Oct 2007

pooja.palz says
watch this funny video

Posted 31 Oct 2007

Mujrim says
sry pooja no links allowed
Posted 03 Nov 2007

eshajam says
mod-mujrim bai
Posted 04 Nov 2007

Mujrim says
na jee js bein an expert member thought of helpin my frnd tasha in her wrk she is mod
Posted 05 Nov 2007

~tasha~ says
One day three women were at a beauty parlor talking about their husbands. The
first woman says, ''Last night my husband said he was going to his office, but
when I called they said he wasn't there!''

''I know!'' the next woman says, ''Last night my husband said he was going to
his brother's house but when I called he wasn't there.''

The third woman says, ''I always know where my husband is.''

''Impossible!'' both women say, ''He has you completely fooled!''

''Oh no,'' says the woman. ''I'm a widow.''
Posted 06 Nov 2007

eshajam says
Posted 06 Nov 2007

nikama says
Posted 06 Nov 2007

~tasha~ says
Posted 06 Nov 2007

eshajam says

Why does a Sardar keep empty beer bottles in his fridge?

They’re there for those who don’t drink.

############################################################ ##########

Two Sardars went into a pub and after ordering

two drinks took some sandwiches

out of their pockets and started to eat them.

“You can’t eat your own sandwiches in here,” complained the pub-owner.

So the two Sardars exchanged their sandwiches.

************************************************************ **********

Lady to inspector Santa : My husband went to buy potatoes 5 days ago,
he hasn`t come back yet!

Santa : Why don`t U cook something else.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@

Ek sardar exam dene gaya to apnay saath plumber ko saath le kar gaya.

Guess karo kyun le kar gaya?

Array yaar simple hai uss ko yeh news mili thi k paper leak ho gaya.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++

Can you lend me 2000 Rs? I need it.
Please help me out, I know you have it,
I will return it .
A Sardar asks to ATM machine.

============================================================ =============

A Teacher lecturing on population -
In India after every 10 sec a woman gives birth to a kid.

A Sardar stands up, we must find & stop her!

============================================================ =============

Sardarji is not sleeping with his wife these days.

Guess why?

Because somebody had told him that it is wrong to sleep with married women

<><><><><><><>< >><><><>><>><>< ><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><>> <><><><><><><>< >

Sardar to girlfriend : Darling main tum se shaadi

nahi karsakta gharwale mana kar rahe hai.

Girlfriend : Tumhare ghar mein kaun kaun hai?

Sardar : 1 biwi aur 3 bacche…

><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><>< ><<><><><><><>> <><>><>><><><<> <><><><><><><>< >

A sardarji doctor falls in love with a nurse.He writes a love letter to the nurse

- I Love U sister….

<><><><><><><>< ><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><>< ><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><>< >

Santa said something in Banta’s ear, and Banta died.

Take a wild guess,

what did he say…?


<><><><><><>><> <><><><><><><>> <><><><><><><>< ><><><><><><><> <><><><><><><>< >

Santa ke 20 sal bad bacha hua. Wo udash ho gaya.
Banta : Yaar udash kyo ho.
Santa : 20 sal baad bacha huwa wo bhi itna sa.

== ============================================================ =============

How can a Sardar kill a lion ?

Sardarji thinks and thinks hard & comes to a conclusion:

I’ll drink poison and let lion eat me..

= ============================================================ =============

Sardar : Raat mujhe ek aadmi ne chaku dikhakar loot liya.

Friend : Lekin tere pas to hamesha Gun hoti hai.

Sardar : Wo maine chupa di thi, warna wo bhi chori ho jati.

Posted 07 Nov 2007

~tasha~ says
Posted 08 Nov 2007

eshajam says
Posted 09 Nov 2007

~tasha~ says
more plz....i feel like
Posted 09 Nov 2007

eshajam says
like >>>>
Posted 11 Nov 2007

~tasha~ says
Posted 11 Nov 2007

Fairl_Girl says
Posted 12 Nov 2007

~tasha~ says
A rabbit one day managed to break free from the laboratory where he had been
born and brought up. As he scurried away from the fencing of the compound,
he felt grass under his little feet and saw the dawn breaking for the first
time in his life.
"Wow, this is great," he thought. It wasn't long before he came to a hedge
and after squeezing under it he saw a wonderful sight -- lots of other bunny
rabbits, all free and nibbling at the lush grass.

"Hey," he called. "I'm a rabbit from the laboratory and I've just escaped.
Are you wild rabbits?"

"Yes. Come and join us," they cried. Our friend hopped over to them and
started eating the grass. It tasted so good. "What else do you wild rabbits
do?" he asked.

"Well," one of them said. "You see that field there? It's got carrots
growing in it. We dig them up and eat them." This, he couldn't resist and he
spent the next hour eating the most succulent carrots. They were wonderful.
Later, he asked them again, "What else do you do?"

"You see that field there? It's got lettuce growing in it. We eat that as
well." The lettuce tasted just as good and he returned a while later
completely full.

"It's fantastic out here in the world" he told them.

"So are you going to live with us then?" one of them asked.

"I'm sorry, I had a great time but I can't." The wild rabbits all stared at
him, a bit surprised. "Why? We thought you liked it here."

"I do," our friend replied. "But I gotta get back to the lab. I'm dying for
a smoke."
Posted 12 Nov 2007

~tasha~ says
There was a gentleman walking with two heavy suitcases in an airport
terminal. Someone approached and asked him what time it was. The gentleman
bends down to park the two heavy suitcases and stares at his watch. But this
was no ordinary watch! He touches a tiny button and his administrative
assistant's face appears.

He asks her, "Mary, what time is it?" Mary answers instantly and with a

The questioner is thoroughly impressed!!!

He asks, "What kind of a watch is that?"

"It's like a TV with two-way real-time communication," the gentleman
explains. He adds that the watch is the latest technology with Intel's brand
new 128-bit chip with processor speed of 10 Gigahertz.

The onlooker is now quite impressed and wanted to know if he could buy this
watch from the gentleman. They agree on a pric e and the cash was handed
immediately. The gentleman takes his watch out and hands it over and then
walks away.

The new owner stares at the two heavy suitcases and shouts, "Sir, you forgot
your suitcases."

The gentleman stops, smiles, and replies, "No, they are yours now. They are
the modems you need for your new watch
Posted 12 Nov 2007

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